Gisele bundchen and tom brady have the paw-fect new family addition

You guys. Prep for cuteness overload.

Because Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s picture perfect little family unit just grew by four legs. And the newest Brady is just as pretty as all the rest (and that’s saying a lot because those people have made bank in DNA lotto winnings).

Meet Scooby, whom Gisele introduced by way of Instagram on Sunday (May 24).

Say it with us now: Awwwwww.

Not only does furbaby Scoobs (the cartoon nicknames do apply, yes?) now have the kiddos John, Benjamin and little Vivian Lake running around to play chase with him — ruff life, eh? — but he’ll also be able to make puppy pals with the couple’s other dog, Lua.

And, in turn, it’ll give Lua someone to talk to besides the mirror.

Note: You might remember Lua from the UGG commercial they did on the beach together last year. Maybe Scooby’ll make a cameo in the next one to even the doggy score?

After all, we wouldn’t want any egos being deflated (zing).