Girls gone ‘buckwild’! Salwa and ashley cozy up at the club [sneak peek]

Just because the "BUCKWILD" cast is a motley crew of country kids doesn’t mean they can’t hit the club as hard as the city crowd. On tonight’s back-to-back episodes, Shain gets the surprise of his life when he enters a rowdy bar (where an animal-printed, topless Salwa and Ashley are heavily engaged in a make-out session), and in this sneak peek, it might just be sensory overload for the world’s proudest garbage man.

But, before everyone’s wild night out in Morgantown, the girls tell Shae they’re suspicious of her man, Jessie J. "Whenever she gets a boyfriend, she’s good as gone," Anna says. The real problem isn’t Shae’s disappearing act, it’s Jessie’s wandering eye. "You’re acting like a dumb bitch right now," Salwa tells Shae, who refuses to believe that Jessie’s been unfaithful.

+ Think Shae should listen up to her gal pals, or stand strong with her new guy? Tune in to two new episodes of "BUCKWILD" tonight at 10/9c to see what goes down!