“girls” cast teases “crazy antics” in season two

If you thought last season of HBO’s buzzworthy new comedy “Girls” was memorable, get ready for the ante to be upped for season two. The Emmy-nominated series returns in January, but filming is already well under way and MTV News was able to get a few teases for what to expect from the “Girls” themselves: Writer/director/star Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet.

“I don’t want to give anything away because it’s too good,” Williams told us at Sunday’s star-studded HBO Emmy soiree. “It’s not even one of those plot-heavy shows, it’s just those little nuances I don’t want to spoil. You get to know us each a lot better and that’s not to say you didn’t get to know us in season one, but it’s just the nature of a show that’s character-driven, you get to delve into their brains, you get to see more of their families, who made them who they are today, and of course there are some crazy antics,” she promised. “I’m picturing a couple costume pieces in particular. Keep an eye out, when you see it you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I know what she was talking about.’ ”

Our big question for Mamet was whether her character’s big sexual awakening last season will continue Shoshanna’s sexpedition.

“She gets into a lot of interesting [situations] and has a bit of a growth spurt I think,” Mamet said with a smile. “I’ll let you guys decide. You have to stay tuned, but I will say, at the end of the day, Shoshanna is still always a lady.”

Finally, we asked Dunham to give us some scoop about a few handsome guest stars. “Patrick Wilson is amazing and so ugly it’s so problematic how ugly Patrick Wilson is,” she joked. “I know it’s sort of a clammy joke but what can you say about Patrick Wilson? And he’s an amazing actor. He does something really amazing on the show that I’m really excited for people to see, and I learned a lot as an actor from the time that I spent with him.”

Dunham promised that the second season will not disappoint in delivering serious eye candy.

“There is the cutest assemblage of boys on the show this season, in addition to our regulars. [Donald] Glover and Patrick are who have been revealed, and there are some other surprises who I think are equally delicious.”

And what about the return of scene-stealer Jorma Taccone?

“The fans will not allow Jorma, they will not allow Booth Jonathan to remain buried.”

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