‘girl code’s nicole byer is your new favorite dead disney villain

On “Girl Code,” Nicole Byer is the proud hero of sexual liberation and anti-salad diets, but today, she’s a classic Disney villain in dire straits. Poor unfortunate soul.

Byer, who plays a recently deceased Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” in the Above Average video below, has to plead with St. Peter to give her a spot in heaven and, true to form, she’s willing to beg, borrow and steal to make it past those pearly gates. “Just because I’m evil doesn’t mean I haven’t done good deeds,” she reassures ol’ Pete as he reads back a lengthy list of her many transgressions. Plead your case, evil queen!

“Have you ever heard of illegal Japanese whaling?” she offers as the fate of her immortal soul hangs in the balance. “I was the one who got that off the ground!” A regular Florence Nightingale, this one! No doubt that sainthood is in her immediate future.

Check out the clip for more of Ursula’s devilish bargaining, scan back through your favorite “Code” episodes and wish Nicursula a pleasant descent!