‘girl code’ season two: lifting up ‘the hood’ on vaginas

They’ve already given us an edifying guide to male genitalia — an enlightening cheat sheet to such species as the gangsta, the torpedo, the hook and the banana — but when the foul-mouthed cast of MTV’s “Girl Code” return for season two, it’s all about them.

“It’s better than season one because we talk about vaginas,” the oft-crude Nicole Byer told MTV News of the new season, kicking off Wednesday (October 30) at 10e/7p

After all, as co-star Alex Wetterlund so kindly reminds us in a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, “It’s really important to be familiar with your vagina — open up that hood, see how she purrs.”

But for those out there who aren’t as familiar with the grilled cheese sandwich, fear not: Byer and company have plenty more to talk about, including dating, lesbians, karaoke, being alone and getting engaged. (A little taste of the snark to come: “If you got a tiny, stupid ring you might be a tiny, stupid woman inside.”)

“If you like laughing, you’ll laugh,” Byer added. “We talk about topics you might have questions about so you’ll get some answers.”

We’ll have our notepad ready.