‘girl code’ aha! Moment: when your gyno makes small talk mid-exam [video]

Whether it’s why you should love your boobs or why you should not cut your own bangs, MTV’s “Girl Code” delivers fresh insight about all-too-familiar topics, and is sure to sometimes have its female viewers fervently nodding their heads while mouthing to the television screen, “Yessss, exactllllly!!!” Oprah calls that kind of catharsis an “aha! moment,” which sounds like a positive thing, so we’re highlighting a different part of the show each week that made us feel like maybe, just maybe, we’re not the loner freaks we originally assumed. Take a look at the latest below.

“What do you say when someone is sticking an object in your vagina?” Good question, April Rose.

For females, going to the gynecologist is essential in order to keep the traffic flowing downtown without any major collisions, but why is it that OBGYNs tend to get chatty as soon as you’re spread eagle? It’s as if their med school rotation included a segment entirely dedicated to the practice of being talkative while up in a patient’s vag.

Though it’s not “Girl Code” to ask how someone’s thesis is progressing while investigating her netherbits, it’s definitely common. In fact, we’re willing to bet it’s happened to every woman who’s ever placed her feet in stirrups. And while trying to maintain small talk with your doc is not an easy task, some of MTV’s Codemasters seem to handle it with flair.

Esther Ku happily demonstrates the uncomfortable nature of the situation in the video below by flipping around in her chair and recreating the scenario in which her OB asked about dear ol’ ma while elbow-deep in her insides. Shouldn’t they at least serve coffee with pap smears? But if you weren’t born with the gift of gab to combat the awkwardness of a gyno visit, Tanisha Long suggests using technology to your advantage, and just ignoring the blabbermouth down below while you play with your cell phone. Hey, that’s one way to force yourself to answer backlogged e-mails. Silver linings!