‘girl code’ aha! Moment: social media is for cat pictures, not your insecurities

Whether it’s why you should love your boobs or why you should not cut your own bangs, MTV’s “Girl Code” delivers fresh insight about all-too-familiar topics, and is sure to sometimes have its female viewers fervently nodding their heads while mouthing to the television screen, “Yessss, exactllllly!!!” Oprah calls that kind of catharsis an “aha! moment,” which sounds like a positive thing, so we’re highlighting a different part of the show each week that made us feel like maybe, just maybe, we’re not the loner freaks we originally assumed. Take a look at the latest below.

“Here’s who you don’t tell your insecurities to: social media.” – Melanie Iglesias

Sure, there are one or two human beings out there that are 100 percent self-assured, but for everyone else, insecurities are par for the course. Whether it’s some extra junk in your trunk, a bad hair day or the archipelago of zits that manifests on your face every month, it’s okay to feel a little self-conscious from time to time. However, the one-woman pity party comes with a clause: If you’re gonna whine about your flaws, keep it off social media. Especially on Throwback Thursday — no one wants to see pics of how flat-chested youused to be *sigh*.

In this clip from last night’s “Girl Code,” the comediennes explain the secondhand embarrassment that comes with watching a friend’s sob story unfold on Twitter. Jessimae cites the retweet function as reason enough to never use the Internet as a diary, as there’s simply no telling how many people will eventually catch wind of your petty complaints, but perhaps no one sums up the subject better than Shalyah: “There is nothing more depressing and pathetic and, like, aggravating, than having a friend who always posts all of her insecure feelings on [Facebook],” she says. “That’s not what it’s for. Facebook is for cat pictures.”

Check out the video, and tell us if you’ve ever broken the “Girl Code” on digital self-loathing.