Giddyup, y’all! Before tonight’s ‘big tips texas,’ let’s drool over the 10 hottest bartenders of all time

They may not all be the best of friends, but the hot-tempered (and just plain hot) crew at Redneck Heaven have two things in common: an affinity for hair weaves and the ability to stop traffic in a tiny ol’ pair of Daisy Dukes. Good looks aren’t the be-all end-all, but when the specialty of the house is a shot with a live fish inside, a gal’s gotta work what she’s got to keep the customers happy.


So how do the feisty barmaids ensure they keep scoring “Big Tips”? By dressing to impress and learning from the true masters of the trade. Say hello to 10 sizzlin’ servers who paved the way for the lovely gals of Redneck Heaven. This round’s on us, y’all!


1. Piper Perabo (Violet Sanford) — “Coyote Ugly”
Before there was Redneck Heaven, there was Coyote Ugly! Forget Piper’s uneven New Jersey accent and appreciate her eight-minute abs and uncanny ability to lip-sync to a pre-scandal LeAnn Rimes.


2. Ryan Phillippe (Shane O’Shea) — “Studio 54”
Polyester shirts are hella uncomfortable, which is probably why Ryan Phillippe opted not to wear one while working/partying at Steve Rubell’s infamous ’70s nightclub. Hey, we won’t tell the health inspector if you won’t…


3. Olivia Wilde (“Alex Kelly”) — “The O.C.”
It’s hard to believe the future Mrs. Jason Sudeikis got her first big break on this beloved teen drama as The Girl Who Kissed Marissa Cooper.


4. Cam Gigandet (Jack) — “Burlesque”
Playing second banana to Christina Aguilera is no easy task, but “Twilight” alum (and fellow Marissa Cooper-ex) Cam Gigandet piled on the eyeliner AND the charm in this raunchy musical extravaganza.


5. Kaitlin Olson (Deandra “Dee” Reynolds) — “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
You don’t typically watch “It’s Always Sunny” for the eye candy, but we’re betting you’d find Kaitlin hot even if she wasn’t standing next to Danny Devito. Although that definitely doesn’t hurt…


6. Stacie Hall (a.k.a. “Stacie The Bartender”) — “The Hills”
Stace definitely served up the drama (and her favorite spirit: tequila) when Spencer and his weird friend Charlie became regulars at The Dime. And when Kristin Cavallari came rollin’ into town, she tapped Stace to be her brand-new bestie. On TV and FOR ALWAYS!


7. Tom Cruise (Brian Flanagan) — “Cocktail”
Forget the TomKat drama and appreciate “Cocktail” for what it is: a clunky (but oh-so-watchable) rom-com starring Elisabeth Shue and Tom Cruise’s dimples. Don’t ah-worry, be-a happy!


8. Tiffani Thiessen (Valerie Malone) — “Beverly Hills 90210”
When Tiffani transformed from “Saved By The Bell”‘s Kelly Kapowski to Beverly Hill’s resident sexpot/jerk Valerie Malong, one thing was definitely clear: We weren’t in Bayside anymore, Toto.


9. Joe Manganiello (Owen Morello) and Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams) — “One Tree Hill”
Most “One Tree” girls spent their days pining over broody whiner Lucas Scott. As for the rest of us? We got our kicks ogling the revolving cast of hunky bartenders, including a certain future “True Blood”-er and Lauren Conrad’s former “Laguna” love. Barkeep, make this round a double!


10. Stacy Keibler (“Hot Bartender”) — “How I Met Your Mother”
Though she’s not Ted Mosby’s future wife (psst, you dodged a bullet!), Stacy Keibler looked good enough behind the MacLaren’s bar to make Barney swear off suits for a week. Minnows, shminnows: If Stacy asked us to, we’d probably swallow a swordfish.