Getting karmotional: how will karma cope with the ‘faking it’ bomb drop?

Let’s put it this way: “Faking It“‘s Karma won’t soon win any card games with her poker face.

Though the straight Hester High School student convincingly played a lesbian during the show’s first season, she’s never had a talent for hiding her genuine emotions (remember: she was reduced to a teary mess when she guiltily rejected her best friend Amy, who had sincerely developed feelings for her pal). And — good or bad — we’re pretty sure we’re about to get a whoooooole ‘lotta Karmotions.


We’re not sure when, or how, but it’s likely that the show’s heaviest and most explosive bomb will have to drop sometime soon, and Karma will learn that her ex Liam and her best friend Amy hooked up. Yup, as showrunner Carter Covington told BuzzFeed, both engaged in some between-the-sheets action to get back at Karma for lying to them in different capacities, but in the light of day, the choice might not have seemed so worth it.

So, if and when the shock subsides, how might Karma react? Will she be understandably pissed, or totally crestfallen by the admission? Is it possible that — with some heavy explanation — she could actually understand Liam and Amy’s actions, or will she shut them out completely, and just mope?

Take a spin on Karma’s wheel of emotion, tell us how you’re expecting her to take the news and be sure to tune in to the “Faking It” Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, September 23 at 10p/7e!