Get to know the real vinny guadagnino on ‘the show with vinny’ [video]

You think you know, but you have no idea. Though Vinny Guadagnino’s hiatus during Season 5 of “Jersey Shore” was rather brief, his need to escape the constant partying in Seaside proved there’s way more to the guy than Shirts Before the Shirts and GTLing. In the interview clip below, Vinny says the guido lifestyle was never truly his cup of tea, and tells us why “The Show With Vinny” will showcase a more versatile side of our favorite Staten Island resident.

“[Drinking and partying] is hardly who I am, so that’s why on ‘Jersey Shore’ you see me floating around in the background a lot,” he explains. “But on [‘The Show With Vinny’], I get to be myself, I get to host, I got my family involved…”

Lest we forget, Mr. Guadagnino graduated college with a 3.9 GPA, so while his “Jersey Shore” days were admittedly fun, he’s excited to finally let his creativity and intelligence shine. And with wild guests like Lil Wayne and Ke$ha, Vin definitely won’t be a wallflower this time around — expect to see him front and center when “The Show With Vinny” premieres Thursday, May 2, at 10/9c.