“get it together”: what we learned from tonight’s degrassi

Degrassi 1417 Recap

Maya is still fighting her feelings for Zig while she’s also trying to mend her broken friendship with Tristan. Becky’s new relationship with Jonah seemed to be perfect, but she’s quickly realizing they may want different things. Finally, Clare and Eli are preparing for parenthood when they get shocking news.

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Salsa Time!

Maya is trying to make her mom less worried after the break-in and the best way she can do that is by improving her grades. Gym class seems like the easiest place to start, until Maya finds out that this semester they’ll be learning how to salsa and her partner is…Tristan.


The former bffs get off to a rocky and toe-stubbing start, so Zig offers to help Maya with her moves. What he’s not helping her with is ignoring her feelings for him. In addition to moving her hips, Zig also suggests Maya move her lips and try talking to Tristan.


Maya takes Zig’s advice and has a long overdue conversation with Tristan. He feels like helost not only two boyfriends, but also Maya as his best friend. Maya apologizes and tells Tristan that she’s needed him as well and the two finally make up. The power of dance is real!


Maya is excited to get home after school and tell Zig her good news. The two start playfully messing around in the kitchen when suddenly things get salsa-spicy.


Mrs. Matlin comes home with dinner and the two separate immediately, but what does this mean for the besties slash roommates?


Gateway Kissing

Becky is excited to be Jonah’s singing partner, lab partner, and girlfriend, but he seems less than thrilled. Every time she kisses him, Jonah pulls away and changes the subject.


Imogen thinks Jonah may be gay, but when Becky begins to raise some “what do you think about this” type scenarios, Jonah realizes what she’s really asking and assures her he’s straight. He’s even had sex with girls. Actually, it sounds like he’s had sex with many girls. Jonah explains to Becky that he’s straight edge and thinks that kissing leads to sex, so he’d rather not be tempted.


A sexually frustrated Becky looks to Imogen for help, but she’s busy directing Captain Who. Imogen suggests Becky look up physical contact that doesn’t involve sex online.


Unfortunately for Becky, she forgets to clear her browser history and during her presentation the next day, the whole class gets an eyeful of her Googling past. Jonah included.


Becky gets two days of detention for her browser blunder, but on the upside she has a positive talk with her mom about being physical. Mrs. Baker’s advice is that if Becky isn’t ready to talk to Jonah about being physical, then she isn’t ready to actually get physical.


Later that night at the recording studio, Becky finally addresses the tension and tells Jonah that she wants to do more than kiss. He’s scared it will lead to sex, but Becky is firm that she wants to wait until marriage and won’t let it go that far.


Baby Boy Blues

Clare is reading every book ever written on how to raise a boy, but she’s still worried that she and Eli aren’t ready to be parents. Dallas suggests the two spend the night watching his son Rocky and Clare agrees, but things get off to a pantless start.


Eli eventually shows up to help, but his gift of a water gun for Rocky ends with Clare getting soaked and worrying that Rocky will now be obsessed with guns.


Eli and Clare try putting the baby’s crib together the next day and Clare is still terrified that they don’t know how to raise a child. Eli calms her down and reminds Clare that all they have to do is what’s right for their kid, not anyone else’s.


Clare and Eli are excited for Clare’s ultrasound the next day, but their joy quickly comes to a screeching halt. The doctor tries twice, but he can’t hear the baby’s heartbeat.