Get into ‘challenge’ shape with johnny bananas, ct and the ’22 jump street’ academy

In “22 Jump Street,” Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play rookie cops who are tasked, yet again, with bringing down a drug ring. But what are you doing to keep your neighborhood safe?

If you’re ready to get into true fighting shape, “Challenge” favorites and occasional rivals Johnny Bananas and CT have just the ticket. Their new regimen — dictated by “Jump Street” head honcho Ice Cube — will have you prepared for the call of duty in no time!

In the video below, tough-as-nails coach Cube introduces the “22 Jump Street” Academy, an esteemed and elite facility designed to recruit pupils like CT and JB and turn ‘em into lean, mean fighting machines. His trainees might begin as n00bs, but they certainly don’t stay that way.

“You take Johnny Bananas,” Cube says as he tells one of his gym’s memorable success stories. “He knew it was time to get a real job after 15 years of CT’s nuts in his face, and he came here!”

Yup, look at JB now — he can juggle two objects! Consider us enlisted.

To see if you might fit into the academy, check out “22 Jump Street” in theaters starting Friday. And remember: “Jump Street wants you, even if your local community college didn’t.”