Gary to amber on ‘teen mom’: ‘it’s time to grow up’ [bonus scene]

He may not have said it in a pretty way, and he still might not have fully gotten his point across, but in this bonus scene from last week’s episode of “Teen Mom,” Gary definitely makes his number one priority known to Amber: it’s Leah, and only Leah. And, he hammers into her mother’s head, she deserves better.

As the exes engage in yet another brutal fight over the phone, this time over Amber choosing to go house-hunting instead of spending time with her child, the shots at each other intensify by the second. “It’s time to grow up, you’re not a f**king kid,” Gary yells, to which Amber responds by calling him an idiot. Peace, or even basic civility, between these two seems like such a faraway prospect, but Leah is old enough to internalize her parents’ hostile communication, and time is running out for them to get their stuff together before she’s permanently affected. Watch the clip: