Gary on amber’s incarceration: “she’s paid the price” [video]

On tonight’s “Amber Behind Bars” special, Amber Portwood of “Teen Mom” expressed a sense of hopelessness to Dr. Drew, and it seemed as though she was dangerously close to giving up on the chance for a happy future. But one person whose faith in her recovery has remained strong is her ex-boyfriend and Leah’s father, Gary. True, not even the Richter could have measured the tremors produced by their fights, but Gary says he still looks forward to the day when his daughter and her mother can reunite.

“Amber can prove to me that she’s a changed person by continuing doing the work she’s doing,” Gary says in the exclusive video below. “She’s a great person, she’s a good girl and she’s made her mistakes and paid the price.” Gary admits to having had reservations about bringing his young child to a correctional facility, but after seeking advice from Dr. Drew, he now says he’s ready, especially since he’s becoming increasingly sure that Amber made the right choice by turning herself in.

“I feel like [correctional officers] support her better than her family was, better than I could,” he says. “Not that I don’t love her and care about her, but… we could tell that us being together wasn’t going to fix anything.”

Gary acknowledges that he and Amber have many challenges ahead, but he’s confident they have the combined strength to face down their demons together.