Game visited mike brown’s memorial and bought happy meals for kids in ferguson

Game’s been in a giving spirit this month.

The MC recently made headlines when he gave a stranger $1,000 and a job offer. Then on May 7, the Compton MC gave a 7-year-old boy he met outside of an Atlanta shopping center $700 for his birthday, according to TMZ.

That might be enough charity for some, but those weren’t Game’s only good deeds this month.

But the rapper, who won a “Humanitarian of the Year” award last year, wasn’t done. On Tuesday (May 12), the MC showcased more of his giving ways on Instagram. Here’s a look at his charitable week.


Game Visited Kids In Ferguson, Missouri


He Was There To Visit Mike Brown’s Memorial


And He Even Got To Spend Time With Mike Brown’s Grandmother


But He Also Took Ferguson Kids To McDonald’s


Where He Bought Them All Happy Meals


Took A Selfie


And Even Went Into The Kitchen


Just Look At The Adorable Kids


Game Also Took Over The Drive-Thru


And Posed With McDonald’s Employees


After This, Game Met Mike Brown Sr.


And Then Went Back To Visit Mike Brown’s Memorial Yesterday