Fun. Ponder “smushing” with “jersey shore” cast

LOS ANGELES — As the MTV special “Gym, Tan, Look Back” showed before the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Thursday night, there is a lot of love for “Jersey Shore” and its cast members. And not just because one of them just had a baby (introduced to the world via a Peoplemagazine spread).

Turns out VMA nominees Fun. are fans of the show too, just like the JS’s other millions of fans. When MTV News caught up with the trio recently, they got to talking about its impact on pop culture and the various phrases and colloquialisms it introduced, like the “GTL” and things like the “smush room,” which naturally led us to ask the band members which castmember they would entertain in said room.

“Are you asking us which castmember we’d have sex with?” Jack Antonoff asked, who was somewhat taken aback when he heard our question. “I’ve got an answer for that.” “JWoww’s dad!” Nate Ruess offered. “The answer is always JWoww’s dad,” agreed Antonoff. “[He] looks just like Jeff Daniels. Awhile back the three of us got obsessed with JWoww’s dad because — nothing offensive here — he looks way too young to be a parent and he’s got this Jeff Daniels meets, not old, but older guy doing a rock and roll thing, and any of us would love to smash with him.”

We’ll have to check with Mr. Woww and get back to the guys on that possibility.

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