Fun facts about the epic oscar selfie to impress your friends with

Oh, you needed a few more reasons to love about the most epic selfie ever to have selfied? Sure, we can help you out with that.

As you know (and have probably retweeted several times by now, in multiple photoshopped iterations), Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres pulled together the most star-studded selfie ever with the goal of breaking the record of most retweets ever. Well, mission accomplished, along with literally crashing Twitter. The pic doesn’t just hold the honor of most tweets, but also for most Oscar nominations and wins as well.


(Note: At the time this selfie was taken, Lupita Nyong’o had not yet won Best Supporting Actress. Her brother had also not yet received the honor of Most Awesome Sibling.)

Here are a few more stats that you can throw out when you’re talking about this selfie at your next dinner party.

» Number of “Hunger Games” stars: 1

» Number of Best Actress nominees: 4

» Average age of those depicted (minus Lupita’s brother): 43

» Total age of those depicted (again, sans Lupita’s brother): 476

» Total sequels (already released) 8

» Number of nominees whose shows President Barack Obama watches: 1

» Spots on 10 highest-grossing movies list occupied by those pictured: 0

» 2014 Oscar winners pictured: 3