From t-blocking to sweat glands, here are tonight’s best ‘girl code’ quips as memes!

Are you stumped when it comes to identifying fine wine? Not sure when it’s OK to run interference on a friend’s sloppy bar-flirting? LADIES, take a breath: “Girl Code” has got you covered. On last night’s episode, topics ran the gamut from “grape juice for adults” to saving a gal pal from Gonorrhea Gary to loving every part of yourself (yes, even your creepy little toes), and we even got the added bonus of watching Shalyah take a pole-dancing class!

Between Carly’s musings on the bright side of sweating and Jessimae’s challenge to well-meaning t**ts, we’ve got the best of last night’s quips — as memes! Check ’em out, and remember not to stress about your next dinner party: Nobody cares whether you’re serving a Chianti or Malbec, because they STILL GET TO DRINK WINE.

Alesha, on “Girl Code” for t**t-blocking:


Carly, on sweat:



Jessimae, on how to handle t**t-blockers:


Jamie, on when t**t-blocking is acceptable:


Carly, on pairing wines: