From mean girl to mom: veronica of ‘the challenge’ is pregnant!

Veronica Portillo, notorious in the “Challenge” realm as the game’s most infamous mean girl, is turning over a new leaf–she’s becoming a momma! On the heels of proud new MTV parents Snooki and Kristin Cavallari, the veteran champ confirmed to her Twitter following recently that she’s expecting, and though her humble baby bump is only the size of a “beer gut,” she swears she’s not BSing–this is the real deal. Who’da thunk?!

“So…this is what’s up…#BabyOnBoard,” V quietly tweeted alongside a photo of her sonogram. Is there a boy on the horizon, or can we expect a sassy little girl to follow in her footsteps? Either way, we’re sure Veronica will take the necessary steps to ensure her child is more than adept when it comes to correctly fastening carabiners (see video below for reference). Flailing between the tops of two high-rise buildings while someone tries to shake your equipment loose is a legacy nobody wants to leave behind…

+ Check out the mini-Portillo, and send V your best wishes!

Veronica’s soon-to-be little bundle of joy, in sonogram HD.

Photo courtesy of @V_Cakes