From marriage proposals to pet problems, here are this week’s best ‘girl code’ memes!

Beyonce‘s anthem to all the single ladies sparked a sudden surge of marriage obsession that, one day, the “Girl Code” cast would investigate with as much passion as UFO enthusiasts who patrol Area 51. On tonight’s episode, the XX guides led viewers through the twisted politicking of proposals, and whether you’re gunning for one, currently engaged or hate every woman who’s gotten a rock before you, their commentary no doubt hit a nerve.

Nuptials aside, the comediennes also touched on the purpose of pets, handling insecurities and why some guys can’t help but fall for no-good women. And, (bonus!) we got to see Nicole’s natural hair in action. Everybody wins!

Check out the best of the best from the episode that had Alice considering getting hitched to a stranger just for the hell of it, and leave your favorite quote in the comments!

Carly, on engagement rings:


Quinn, on why animals are our best friends:



Carly, on the responsibility of owning a pet:


Alice, on getting over her bad dancing insecurities:


Nicole, on a dog’s sixth sense: