From hero to zero! Can johnny shape up before the big ‘rivals ii’ finale? [video]

In Challenges past, Johnny’s constructed a sailboat from scratch and trudged through hell in the form of a Patagonia hiking trail to claim first place, but on last night’s “Rivals II,” two makeshift ramps and a couple dozen knockoff dodgeballs completely derailed him. In an instant, the man who literally scaled one of the world’s most massive glaciers went from hero to zero, and his partner, Frank, panicked at the idea that Johnny might not be the same competitor of yesteryear.

During “Rampage,” Johnny was uncharacteristically out of it, and in the aftermath of the cardio-heavy mission, he blew chunks. “He’s throwing up his dignity the entire time,” Pete Davidson of “Guy Code” comments in the “Challenge Screening Room” clip below (which also chronicles Wes‘ complete degradation of his longtime nemesis). “He’s slow, that’s it. He sucks.” Paula, however, remains in Johnny’s corner. “He’s never gassed out like that,” she says, but then notes that time might be catching up with the vet, whose big fight with CT and Wes showed a new level of insecurity. “[He’s] concerned about his performance coming up for the final,” Paula theorizes.

What do you think? Will Johnny be able to continue his “Challenge” winning streak, or are his days as top dog finished? Watch the “Screening Room” videos, and tell us what you think in the comments below.