From catwalks to ‘catfish’: a certain supermodel is joining forces with nev and max

Nev and Max had a little help finding this week’s “Catfish” – from someone usually found on a catwalk.

“We had a special kind of ride-along co-host for an episode,” Nev tells MTV News in the video below, before Max chimes in and refers to the guest as an “an intern.”

“We had a supermodel intern, which was pretty fun,” Nev clarifies.

The lovely lady in question assisted the Internet sleuths with the case of Bianca, whose affairs of the heart highlight the show’s Season 3 finale. And, according to the duo, they’ve saved the best for last.

“Bianca is just sort of this incredible, amazing person who’s been through one of the more difficult, complicated and sort of hardest childhood/young adult lives,” Nev says. “What an inspiration and what an amazing young lady she is.”

“A lot of adversity growing up,” Max adds. “Being black, female, gay and out, from a very young age.”

So who’s the supermodel who helps Bianca find her catfish? Watch the clip to find out — and be sure to tune in to the Season 3 finale of “Catfish” tonight at 10e/7p!