From britney to ‘kung fury,’ we just can’t seem to shake the 1980s

When we get all nostalgic for the aughts in 10 years, what will we be busting out of the box in mom’s attic? Skinny jeans, trucker hats and Radiohead’s Kid A? Juicy Couture sweat suits and Uggs? Maybe.

But lately when we’re feeling throwback, it seems like all we really want to do is hop in Doc Brown’s DeLorean to go back to the future — AKA the Day-Glo 1980s. In fact, your favorite actors, singers, directors and authors just can’t stop going back in time, pulling out the lace gloves, giant hair, cheesy synths and 8-bit video game look of the Reagan era over and over again this year.

Jelly shoes are on the shelves at American Apparel, the Adidas three-stripe shoe is rockin’ again, acid washed denim is inexplicably making a comeback and big, bold eyebrows are e’ryhwere.

Maybe it’s because so many of today’s young stars were born just as the 80s were winding down and they’re looking back on it fondly just like the teens of the Reagan years were obsessed with the 1960s, everything buckskin fringed and hippie. From Britney and Iggy’s “Pretty Girls” to Bonnie McKee’s just-released Jazzercise-irific “Bombastic” video, Taylor’s 1989 and the upcoming Adam Sandler flick “Pixels,” ’80s babies and their little sisters and brothers just can’t shake the Madonna/Prince/Michael Jackson years.

Here’s proof that we’re all stuck in the 80s:


Amy Schumer’s ’80s Ladies

Amy Schumer 80s Ladies

When in doubt, call the ladies!


Adam Sandler, aliens, video games, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Peter Dinklage. Do we need to continue?


Bonnie McKee Gets Her Aerobics On

Katy Perry’s go-to songwriter (“California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream” and, yes, the retro “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”) has an 80s wedgie that won’t stop in her just released video.


“Kung Fury”

Cheesy special effects, fingerless gloves, satin gang jackets, a mullet, synth drums, a Nintendo Powerglove, Wayfarers and the Hoff. There is no more 80s thing than this trailer.


Jason DeRulo’s “Want to Want Me”

Did anyone call Prince? Besides Jason obv, since this clip gave us seriously Sign ’O the Times vibes.


“The Goldbergs’” Takes On “The Princess Bride”

Every episode of this ABC comedy is a trip back to the land of Decepticons. But the April 22 “As You Wish” episode hit peak 80s when Adam tried to learn fencing so he could recreate his fave movie.


Brandon Flowers’ “Lonely Town”

The Killers singer has had a synthpop jones his whole career, so it makes sense that the video for this “Flashdance”-ish single from his solo album features an old-school Sony Walkman and some totally “Footloose” dancing.


Natalie La Rose, “Somebody”

The ruffled skirts and turtleneck crop tops, the once-buckled overalls, the Whitney Houston chorus homage and so much neon.


Empire Witch

Clairbel Ortega Empire Witch series

Clairbel Ortega’s upcoming Empire Witch YA book series follows, you guessed it, witches who live in New York in the 1980s.


“Gremlins,” Goonies,” “Beetlejuice” and “Jem”

How psyched are you that all these big hair-era classics are getting rebooted?


Britney And Iggy

These “Earth Girls Are Easy”… and they have giant, giant phones.


Walk the Moon “Shut Up And Dance”

The Cincinnati band have been rocking Duran Duran-level facepaint and early MTV era vibes for years, but this late 2014 single and video were so retro it might give Simon LeBon whiplash. The giant cardboard “Say Anything” boombox and bad guy in Hypercolor jumpsuit? Well played, WTM, well played.


“Vacation” Is Headed Back To Wally World

Another generation of Griswolds are hitting the road this summer.


Fuller House


Minus the Olsens, but still…


The Vin Diesel Breakdance Instructional Video

Okay, that one actually was from the 1980s.