From babies to bugs bunny, everyone’s doing this latest dance craze

Every now and then, there’s a song and accompanying dance that takes the Internet — and real, breathing people — by storm. The latest, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” is that — but it’s also not exactly that.

The track, which is currently No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has almost 40 million views on YouTube, is not a dance craze in itself as much as it’s a combination of recent dance crazes, repackaged together and into an inescapably catchy jam. The lyrics call out a number of popular dances from recent years: Whip, Nae Nae, Stanky Leg, Superman.

You’ve probably done it, or seen someone do it, or seen someone on your timeline do it.

Here are some of the many ways to do Silento’s dances.

1. The Bugs Bunny Whip

2. The Mid-Graduation Whip

3. The Grandma Whip

4. The Baby Whip

5. The Dog Whip

6. The Dance Like No One’s Watching Whip

7. The Ariana Grande Whip

8. The Warming Up For A Little League Game Whip

9. The Detroit Tigers Mascot Whip

10. The Cleveland Cavaliers Mascot Whip

11. The In-The-Whip Whip(Be Careful)


12. The On The Bridge Whip (be very careful)


13. The Crossing The Street Whip (seriously, be careful)


14. The Middle Of The Street Whip (enough, guys)


15. The Pool Party Whip


16. The I’m Four-Years-Old But Dance Like A Professional Whip


17. The Parking Lot Whip


18. The Post-12-Hour Shift At Work Whip


19. The Cop Whip


20. The Sponge Bob Whip


21. The Wearing A Helmet For Safety Whip


22. The Sisterly Whip


23. The Triplet Whip


24. The Lab Coat Whip