Fresh from the crypt, whitney port as a zombie with perfect hair [photo]

Despite the fact that her skin is something out of “Nightmare on Elm Street,” Whitney Port is having a damn good hair day. The girl who made her mark in the city that never sleeps recently posted a photo of her venture into the undead (inspired by “Death Valley,” perhaps?) on her website, and though it chilled us to the core, we’re happy to report each inch of boiled flesh was for a good cause: the very urgent need for blood donors.

As part of the American Red Cross’ “Zombie blood drive” campaign, Whit and celebrities such as “Challenge” reunion host Maria Menounos, The Black Keys and Peter Jackson will all be physically transformed by the expert hands of “The Walking Dead” makeup artist Greg Nicotero. The campaign runs through October 22 and urges folks to “Use your brains and give blood.”

For details on blood donation, and for more on the campaign, visit the Red Cross’ website.