‘free agents’ gif of the week: latoya shuts. Jordan. Down.


If you want to keep a kosher household, remember this: crossing LaToya is a very, very bad idea. On last week’s “Free Agents” episode, the rookie was voted into the elimination round for the second time, and though she tried to keep her frustrations to herself, a smart remark by Jordan finally lit her wick and caused an explosion. “Don’t share a bag of chips with me and then turn around and throw my name out there like it’s all good,” she spat after calling him out in the middle of the nomination ceremony. “No, bitch.”

And it seems like LaToya isn’t the only one growing wary of Jordan’s cocky attitude. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, a few of Jordan’s housemates start to get sick of his superiority complex, and as far as Johnny Bananas is concerned, the former “Real World: Portland” cast member is getting entirely too big for his britches. “Jordan’s been running around the house like he owns the place,” the vet says. “People give him way too much credit for accomplishing literally nothing.”

Agree that Jordan could do with a slice of humble pie? Watch the video, and tune in to the next “Free Agents” episode Thursday night at 10e/7p!