‘free agents’ gif of the week: devyn’s not impressed with theresa’s vote


Devyn has admitted that you can’t always count on her to be the hero of a mission, but, rest assured, her wit and humor will never disappoint. On last week’s “Free Agents” episodeTheresa convinced Devyn — among her other teammates — to vote to send Laurel into the coming elimination round, but when it came time for Theresa to support her own master plan, she changed her mind and nominated Jasmine in order to spare herself from Laurel’s scorn. Shock was painted on the faces of some of Theresa’s teammates, but Devyn’s expression was hilariously unimpressed. No question of what’s going through her head!

And though Devyn’s jokey disposition has made her a group favorite, one of her fellow competitors isn’t getting such rave reviews. On tomorrow’s episode, Jordan‘s cocky attitude will continue to rub some of his housemates the wrong way, and when he demands that Johnny Bananas and CT keep things quiet during a van ride, CT moves to put him in his place. “You want to go toe-to-toe? Sign a release,” CT offers in this sneak peek. Uhh, if we were Jordan, we’d just…let it go. Getting on CT’s bad side has proven harmful in the past.

Check out the clip, and tune in to the next “Free Agents” episode tomorrow night at 10e/7p!