‘free agents’ gif of the week: ct takes on the draw like a boss

The “Free Agents” Draw leaves most competitors shaken to the core, but on last Thursday’s episodeCT decided the best way to beat elimination round stress was to stare down the barrel of the gun and smile. Lucky for him, his “system,” which involved not even giving the card he flipped a single glance, really worked, and he was sent back to safety in the blink of an eye. Who knew it could be so simple?!

But it looks like no one will have it easy on the next episode. When Cohutta receives a clue that involves a “Uruguayan barbecue” in the sneak peek below, the cast gets ready for the disgusting buffet they’re sure is coming. “We are gonna be eating pig balls and cow’s ears and feet and butt and tail and scrotum,” Aneesa predicts. “What the f***!” And though Aneesa’s fear is understandable, Devyn, for one, is looking forward to stuffing her face. “I trained for trivia and eating challenges, and I am gung ho for this!” she says.

Check out the sneak, and see if there’s some dry-heaving to come when the next “Free Agents” episode airs Thursday night at 10e/7p!