‘free agents’ gif of the week: cara maria goes through hell to oust nia + get a sneak peek of thursday night’s episode


There’s a reason “Free Agents” host TJ Lavin said Cara Maria is the last person he’d want to see in an elimination round if he were a “Challenge” competitor. On the latest episode, after finding herself in The Draw for the THIRD consecutive time, CM finally got her ticket punched, and was called to do battle with Nia. After more than an hour of gritting her teeth, digging her feet into the sand and fighting like hell through “Looper,” Cara ultimately snatched the win away from Nia, and vowed to keep herself out of The Draw for at least a week. We’re with you, girl!

Though Cara Maria’s performance made her instantly popular among her fellow players, who gushed about the spirit she demonstrated, budding couple Laurel and Jordan won’t find much approval from Aneesa on the next episode. In the sneak peek below, the vet looks positively sickened by the connection the cocky competitors have forged, and — true to form — doesn’t hide her distaste. “Two f***ing peas in a pod,” she laments as Laurel and Jordan flirt during a pool party. “Two of the most overachieving, showboating, ‘I’m better than you’…it’s like they’re dating themselves.”

What do you think about CM’s performance, and what’s your opinion of Laurden as a couple? Share your thoughts, and watch the next “Free Agents” episode Thursday at 10e/7p!