Frankie’s guacamole hands successfully deflect any “washington heights” drama [sneak peek]

Holy guacamole, tacos are serious business! And in “Washington Heights,” you do not mess around during mealtime. In this sneak peek from the next episode, the crew gathers at Ludwin’s house for a family dinner and shows us all a thing or two about banter.

The clip starts off a bit catty as they harp on Jimmy’s absence, but soon enough Frankie lightens the mood with her taunting guacamole hands. Well done, Franks! Attention officially shifted. What follows is some classic busting of chops when Reyna takes credit for the meal (her beans are obviously what taste so good) and JP pretends to be offended. “Whoa. It’s teamwork,” he says without cracking a smile. “Teamwork?! When you only did the cheddar cheese?” she fires back. Dayyyum, them’s fighting words!

Hey, busting each other’s chops is A-OK in our book, as long as there’s plenty of finger food to go around. And napkins.