Frankie’s girls rescue her from ludwin’s grip on the next “washington heights” [sneak peek]

Ludwin and Frankie’s will-they-wont-they saga is getting tiresome for the non-couple, but it’s also starting to wear on Frankie’s friends, Taylor and Reyna. In this sneak peek from the next episode of “Washington Heights,” the girls tell Frankie enough is enough, and offer her a way out of the emotional rollercoaster.

“Me and Taylor want you to be happy, and we want you to feel like there is something else out there — not just pretty old Ludwin,” Reyna says in the clip below. The pals clearly know Frankie inside and out, and they explain to her that pigeon-holing herself into a sub-par relationship with Ludwin is making her deprressed, not to mention that she’s missing out on other romantic prospects. And that’s why they’re gonna set her up at a party! “Is he beautiful?” Frankie asks, to which Taylor gives a thumbs up. Frankie mulls the offer over, and finally agrees to throw caution to the wind. Hmm, maybe this’ll light a little fire under Ludwin’s ass?

Check out the video, and see how this blind date goes down on an all-new “Washington Heights,” Wednesday at 10e/p!