Frankie muniz and floyd mayweather are ready to kick donald sterling to the curb

Now that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been kicked to the curb over racially insensitive remarks he made on tape, there are plenty of people lining up to buy the city’sother NBA franchise.

In fact, the potential suitors read like a dream team of entertainment and sports heavyweights. Who’s interested?


He’s got his own network, a huge liquor deal, clothing line and $700 million to blow. What Diddy wants, Diddy gets.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
The boxing champ and “huge” Clippers fans said he’s not interested in three or four percent. “I got to get a solid percentage,” he said. “But do we want to buy the Clippers? Yes we do. We’re very, very interested in buying the Clippers.”

Rick Ross



He’s the boss. So now he’s ready to be the boss.

Frankie Muniz

The former “Malcolm in the Middle” star, who has loved the Clips since 1994, said when he flew out to Los Angeles from New Jersey for the “Malcolm” pilot in 1999 the only thing he wanted to do was see the team. “I am buying the Los Angeles Clippers,” he said point blank on Tuesday.

Oscar De La Hoya

Another boxing legend also threw his hat in the ring. “The league has made it known that it wants more minorities involved, and as a proud Mexican-American, I will bring a different perspective to the NBA in general, and the Clippers in particular,” he said. “I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I know what it takes to run a successful sports entity and nothing would make me happier than to bring an NBA Championship home to Southern California sports fans.”

David Geffen

The Dreamworks mogul and billionaire actually tried to buy the team back in 2010 for $700 million. And now, he says, he would “very much like to buy the team.” He’s worth a reported $6.2 billion, so cash is not a problem.