‘frankenweenie’ exclusive clip: tim burton dreams big

It’s never bad to be in a cat’s good graces, but you might want to stay out of their dreams.

That’s a lesson that child scientist Victor Frankenstein is about to learn all too well in this exclusive clip from “Frankenweenie,” director Tim Burton’s long-awaited return to stop-motion animated creepiness. The film centers on Victor and the tragic death of his beloved dog Sparky. But death proves to be a fickle beast when Victor uses his powers of science to bring Sparky back to life — much to the dismay of those around him, in true Burton-gone-bananas form.

The resurrection of Sparky might come as a shock to most of the people in Victor’s immediate life, but not to the Weird Girl in Victor’s class. The Weird Girl has a cat named Mr. Whiskers, and aside from being cute and cuddly, the wide-eyed kitty has a far-out power of his own: he dreams of the future.

Mr. Whiskers had a dream about you last night,” the Weird Girl weirdly tells Victor in our exclusive clip. As proof of that fact, she presents a hair ball in the shape of a “V” — an “omen,” she calls it.

Last month, he dreamed about Bob, and he fell into a manhole,” the Weird Girl warns. She goes on to describe two other neighborhood kids who found themselves at the heart of Mr. Whiskers’ dreams; one went on to pitch a perfect baseball game, while the other got beaned in the head and lost consciousness.

If Mr. Whiskers dreams about you,” she concludes ominously, “it means something big is going to happen.”

What big things, you ask? You’ll find out for yourself when “Frankenweenie” hits theaters on October 5, 2012.