Frank, upon learning his ‘rival’ was johnny bananas: ‘f**k, i have to deal with this pr**k’ [video]

Securing a spot on the first “Rivals” meant a Challenger had…well…met his or her teammate, but the game’s sequel has amended the rule book to include Twitter wars…which means we get to watch how the completely combustible online foes, Johnny and Frank, handle meeting IRL for the first time. Three cheers for awkward introductions! The fact that they’re both winners could help them dominate the game, but the at-odds rookie and vet certainly won’t play nice, and Frank says in the pre-“Challenge” interview below that he was none-too-pleased when he received his assignment.

“My response when I found out Johnny was gonna be my partner was, ‘F**k, I have to deal with this pr**k for seven weeks,'” he says. Both guys agree that they have a good shot at the gold solely based on their athleticism, but Johnny admits he’s pissed he’s been stripped of the chance to knock Frank — who he thinks is nothing more than an old loudmouth — out, himself. “How is the one guy that I wanted most to bury his head in the sand… [is] now the only guy I’m going to have to rely on?” he ponders. Check your Twitter timeline, Bananas, and you’ll have your answer.

Watch the full interview, and share your thoughts on Frananas as a pair.