Frank ocean isn’t trying to “sell” with sexuality labels

Frank Ocean doesn’t want your labels. Ever since the Odd Future singer/songwriter revealed that he once loved a man on his Tumblr in July, fans and media types of speculated on his sexuality. Is Frank gay? Is he bisexual? Is he dating model Willy Cartier? It doesn’t matter, he says.

“I’m not trying to sell you sex. People should pay attention to that in the letter: I didn’t need to label it for it to have impact,” the usually guarded Ocean told GQ in a story which appears in their December Men of the Year issue. “Because people realize everything that I say is so relatable, because when you’re talking about romantic love, both sides in all scenarios feel the same sh–.”

Ocean shocked the music world when he shared a personal story about his first love, who happened to be a man. A week later he dropped his major label debut album Channel Orange and on a number of songs clearly referenced men. What first appeared to be scandal actually fizzled out, as the critical acclaim surrounding Frank’s LP began to dominate the conversation. Part of the reason for the waning interest in Ocean’s sexual preference also is due to the fact that he is reserved, and on most occasions, refuses to talk about it to the media — or talk to the media at all.

“As a writer, as a creator, I’m giving you my experiences. But just take what I give you. You ain’t got to pry beyond that. I’m giving you what I feel like you can feel. The other sh–, you can’t feel. You can’t feel a box. You can’t feel a label,” he said in the rare interview.

Though he was confident in his decision to share his secret with the world, Frank went through a range of different emotions leading up to the Tumblr post. “The night I posted it, I cried like a f—ing baby,” he admitted. “It was like all the frequency just clicked to a change in my head. All the receptors were now receiving a different signal, and I was happy. I hadn’t been happy in so long. I’ve been sad again since, but it’s a totally different take on sad. There’s just some magic in truth and honesty and openness.”

No doubt it’s been a wild 12 months for the breakout star and he’s just glad to be along for the ride. “It’s a real peaceful but active year,” he told MTV News while on the Carpet for GQ‘s Men of the Year party in Los Angeles on November 13. “So it’s cool. I’m just excited to be here, thanks to GQ magazine.”

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