Forty dollars to the ‘stranger’ that snorts a noodle the fastest! [bonus scene]

You may have recognized a familiar face stuffed in the back of the “Money From Strangers” comedy van during tonight’s episode–it was funnyman Jordan Carlos of “I Just Want My Pants Back.” He was on hand to serve as a celebrity accomplice and help host Jeff Dye conjure up absurd dares for unsuspecting contestants in search of cash money. Unfortunately, Jordan’s time lobbing tasks at taco-joint challenger Aiden was short-lived, as the restaurant called the cops following the guy’s unhygienic soda fountain activities. But Jeff’s work was far from being finished.

In the below bonus clip, Jeff heads out to the street and finds four fearless girls willing to jiggle wet noodles through their nasal cavities for 40 bucks. The first gal to successfully string the limp pasta up one nostril and out her throat gets two crispy Andrew Jacksons! (If you’re looking to start a low-carb diet, watching this video will be of great assistance.)