Forget the ‘teen wolf’ kitsun. What’s arden cho’s fantasy alter ego?

What’s better than having the alter ego of a katana-swinging Japanese fox who’s got the power of lightning on her side? Welp, Arden Cho can think of at least one thing.

The “Teen Wolf” actress, who plays the sweet-but-lethal Kira Yukimura, spilled her guts to SweetyHigh yesterday about the latest Beacon Hills goings-on, and though she loves her character’s hidden identity (“I get to play a supernatural, sword-wielding tough girl! No complaints here!” she gushed), there is one other beast ID she’d assume, given the chance.

“[I’d be] a Phoenix or a dragon,” she told the site. “I think it’d be fun to fly around the world and see everything from a bird’s eye view.” And it’d certainly help in the battle against werejaguars and the like — they might be fast, but unless they sprouted wings, it’d be a done deal.

And, if you’re hoping “Teen Wolf” will dive a little bit deeper into the origin of Kira’s kitsune power, the upcoming episodes will be just what the doctor ordered.

“I think Season 5 will develop more of Kira’s thunder Kitsune background and hopefully answer some questions,” Cho said. “It’s as new to me as it is to Kira.”

Surprised to hear about Cho’s flying-creature aspirations? Tell us if you could picture her as a phoenix or dragon, and stay tuned for more “Teen Wolf” updates!