Forget the ‘guys’ and ‘girls’ it’s time for ‘kid code’ [video]

Sand box etiquette elude you? Tired of relentless recess politics? We’ve got you covered. Now that both adult men and women have found solid social guides in “Girl Code” and “Guy Code,” some show fans have been left wondering: What about the children? Thankfully, A Cousins Production (a YouTube-duo that parodies popular TV shows and fads) is on the case, and has recruited a few adorable ankle-biters to get the skinny on the elementary school ins and outs.

In the video below, the four-foot-tall equivalents of Carly AquilinoJessimae Peluso and more break down what constitutes cool, how to get your play dates to become something more and — most importantly — whether Taylor Swift is still an appropriate fad. “If you like him, then punch him, so he knows you’re interested,” mini-Nicole Byer advises when it comes to capturing a schoolyard crush’s attention. Sure beats the tired grown-up routine of making eyes from across the bar. THINGS WERE SO SIMPLE AT 8 YEARS OLD!

Check out the clip below, and don’t be afraid to apply “Kid Code” to your own daily routine!