Forget ‘the challenge,’ we’ve got three post-‘portland’ job prospects for nia

Now that Portland (and Pizza Schmizza) has had a chance to recover from Hurricane Nia, we have to wonder what’ll become of our beloved hothead. Though “Rivals II” would have been the perfect place for such a s**t-stirrer to make her “Challenge” debut, Nia’s post-“Real World” plans seem to be straying off the beaten path, and we’re all the more interested in the possibilities…

Lately, Nia — who has remained friends with trainer/hit-man Dom — has been promoting Dom’s Booty Belt workout device, and even appears in the product’s promotional video. However, if a career as a fitness instructor doesn’t pan out for our gal, we’ve come up with three job prospects that Nia might consider, instead:


Nia has been chatting up her book — the “Guide to Dating and Keeping Professional Athletes” — since she dug her claws into the Portland loft, so why not jump-start the process with a gossip blog? It will fulfill her two career goals: Getting the dish on people’s lives and being her own boss. Plus, while she’s waiting for publishers to knock down her door, she can take alllll the smoke breaks she wants.

Lingerie model

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Nia in the “Real World” house, is that she’s well-versed in the art of walking around — and fighting — while nearly naked. Why not flaunt it for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, or at the very least, H&M? She might as well make some money off those gams.

Dog Walker

OK, so she may have gotten off to a rocky start with Daisy, but the two became fast friends after a few shared ranch dressing-and-shredded cheese meals. Perhaps Nia’s a bit of a secret Dog Whisperer, and could potentially control a whole litter of pups with her gross food concoctions and kissing noises. Worst case scenario, she can always sic them on her enemies, of which we’re sure she has many. If that’s not worth a few trips to the dog park, we don’t know what is.

What are some other jobs that you think Nia could handle? Are you curious about a release date for her oft-mentioned book? Sound off in the comments below!