Forbes analyzes pauly d’s success in suit-and-tie speak

Sure, we all know (and have known for quite some time) that DJ Pauly D is a true BAMF, but when Forbes, an internationally recognized financial informant, acknowledges his badassery, well, that’s next level. The magazine recently featured the Jersey Shore”star in an article that chronicles his rise from Rhode Island no-name to global superstar, and seeing the actual math of his success in black and white (dude’s No. 7 on the list of top-earning DJs) makes it that much cooler.

For all the concerts he’s played over the past year (132) and money he makes per gig ($40,000), Pauly is committed to keeping his integrity as the money pours in and his brand widens with ventures like Remix Cocktails and the Dirty Couture extension. And the guy’s listening intently to new boss 50 Cent’s two cents about marketing. “Business-wise, he told me the same thing I kind of already knew: Don’t put your name on something you don’t love,” Pauly told Forbes. “We were basically on the same page in that regard.”

And that no-compromise thing? It definitely applies to Pauly’s live sets as well–he said he’ll never jeopardize his artistry to make the job easier, even though some critics accuse him of cutting corners. “I use turntables,” he said. “Yes, I use [DJ software] Serato on my computer that only holds the music, but I’m still controlled by vinyl, and I’ll never lose that art form. Because that’s what I love the most.”

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