Follow the leader takes an unfortunate turn on “ridiculousness” [video]

Independent thought has never seen as strong an argument as it did on last week’s “Ridiculousness.” Skateboard prodigy Ryan Sheckler stopped by the set to lend a judgmental hand, and also shed some light on the pro skating culture. Sheckler let us in on a little game he and his skater pals play when they’re not in the heat of competition, called “Follow You Up,” which is essentially an on-wheels version of “HORSE.” And guys: Considering the video that follows, it should probably be left to the professionals.

In “Follow You Up,” Rob Dyrdek shows us some recent disasters stemming from souped-up games of Follow The Leader. One young buck just can’t clear a stream with the same gusto as his friends (the pink stroller he’s holding might be to blame), and a bicyclist tumbles to the ground when the pressure of the competition gets in his head. But the real pain comes when one poor gentleman lands on the concrete head first, after he attempts to jump as high as his friend. The phrase is “great minds think alike,” not “great minds act alike.” Jussayin’…

Check out the clip, and get set for a brand new “Ridiculousness,” Thursday night at 10e/p!