And that’s a dap: here’s how the mtv floribama shore crew closed out the summer

Following a few heart-to-hearts with their parental units, the MTV Floribama Shore gang buried the ratchet shenanigans hatchet and bonded Jersey Shore-style — aka with a nice family dinner in the form of a low-country boil (well yeah, it had a Southern twist).

But exactly how did the summer end individually for our favorite group of Gulf Coasters? Let’s just say after several screaming matches, this gang has come a long way…


After getting her hunch on and her heart broken all in the span of a week, it occurred to Nilly she might need more than 10 months to get over her ex-husband. “I’m now realizing that maybe I’m not ready [for a relationship],” she said. “There’s a lot of emotions I’m still needing to deal with to move on with my life.”


Our resident princess-goddess-mermaid finally got over her cheating ex and uttered those three little words we’ve been longing to hear since day one: “I love myself.” (And we love you, too, boo!


The wise one might not have landed herself a man quite yet (your loss, Matthew), but she still ended the summer feeling pretty “hashtag blessed.”


Fresh out of her parents’ house, the young PCB local kicked off the summer remaining true to her namesake, but she quickly matured after changing her “pottying” ways”


Sheltered no more, the jacked Jacksonville native found himself with a fresh outlook after having been schooled in the ways of Southern drama and bar fights


While the sensitive 22-year-old wasn’t able to properly wife up over the summer, he did get himself a solid workout partner and seems to have found his calling as the next Fabio


After mending his friendship with Aimee, Kirk returned to Atlanta to work on his anger issues (especially when it comes to grilled chicken)


The South Carolina native and “old folks” bartender was just happy to make friends with the under-60 crowd… and continues to hone his twerking skills.

Don’t worry: This isn’t the last we will see of this crazy Southern crew! Stay tuned with MTV for more updates on MTV Floribama Shore!