“wreck-it ralph” meets vanellope and goes on hero duty

The first clip from Disney’s ode to video games, “Wreck-It Ralph,” debuted online last week, and features one of the first interactions between John C. Reilly’s Ralph and the cutesy racing character, Vanellope von Schweetz, voice by Sarah Silverman.

In the clip (via Yahoo! Movies), Ralph is trying to retrieve a medal from the top of a candy cane tree in Vanellope’s world. As he tries to climb the tree, his new friend manages to annoy the crap out of him by mimicking his every word.

Check out the full clip from “Wreck-It Ralph” after the jump!

This next exclusive clip for “Wreck-It Ralph” steered clear of the cutesy feel and gave us an inside look at an adventurous Ralph trying to prove himself a hero!


“Wreck-It Ralph” opens on November 2.

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