‘firestarter’ part 2: what we learned from the season finale of ‘degrassi’

Winston, Frankie, Zoe (Ep.1412)

It wouldn’t be a ‘Degrassi‘ finale without a major disaster but worry not, everyone made it out alive and mostly unharmed.

On tonight’s finale, Miles accidentally set fire to the school while his sister Frankie was locked in a room with Winston and Zoe. Zoe was being held hostage by her blackmailer (aka Winston) and was forced to miss cheer finals. When the Panthers couldn’t find their captain they were left no choice but to ask Becky to take Zoe’s place. Becky was willing to help but the performance was cut short when the fire alarm went off during the Panther’s routine.

Meanwhile, Winston, Frankie and Zoe were still trapped inside but only long enough to work out their differences.

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The Firestarter and the Blackmailer

Mr. Hollingsworth had been under a lot of stress with the pressure of his campaign to become Mayor but during tonight’s winter finale he let the stress get the best of him.


After Frankie disappeared when she was supposed to make a public statement claiming she was responsible for Degrassi Nudes (even though she wasn’t) Mr. Hollingsworth went looking for someone to blame. He said it was Miles’ demonstration of bad behaviour that caused Frankie to act out. When Miles tried to make his father see that it was a result of bad parenting that caused Frankie to run away, Mr. Hollingsworth reacted by tossing a coffee mug at the wall and nearly hit Hunter in the process.


Mr. Hollingsworth tried to apologize but Miles refused to believe he meant it.

Miles tried to tell his mom what happened but she wouldn’t listen. When he asked Hunter to confirm his story, he acted as if Miles was overreacting.


Miles went to his dad and asked him to leave their home but he refused and laughed in his face. Miles considered hitting him back but decided it wasn’t worth it.


After their argument, Miles felt like the only way to escape his dad’s abuse was to run away. He went to the school to say goodbye to Frankie but when he failed to find her he felt more frustrated than ever.


Miles found himself feeling hopeless in the halls of Degrassi. Maya tried to convince him that leaving his siblings behind wasn’t the answer but Miles still needed to find a way to let out his frustration. He found a stack of campaign flyers from his dad’s campaign and thought burning one might help make the pain go away. Maya tried to stop him but it was too late. The one flyer Miles meant to burn quickly spread to the entire campaign booth.


A Power Cheer Tumble 

When the Power Cheer teamed learned it was Zoe that framed Frankie for running Degrassi Nudes they weren’t impressed. Zoe insisted she only did it to protect the team and after that all it took was a set of new bows for the team and they were ready to forgive their captain.

Zoe received a text from an unknown number claiming to be Zig. She told the girls Zig wanted to meet to give her a good luck kiss before the competition and the girls gave their blessing.


Little did they know, the text actually came from the blackmailer and when it came time for the Panthers to compete their captain was nowhere to be found.


Frankie and Winston were holding Zoe hostage in the prop room with a plan to teach her a lesson about being a bully.


At first, Zoe was terrified of the mysterious person behind the mask but when she realized it was only Winston with a plastic knife as a weapon the jig was up.


Winston revealed himself as the blackmailer to protect Frankie. His confession gave Zoe the confidence she needed to continue her lie about who was really behind Degrassi Nudes but when she tried to leave the prop room she couldn’t.

The fire Miles started was right outside the door and that meant Winston, Frankie and Zoe were all trapped.


With Zoe still missing, the team turned to Becky in a moment of desperation and asked her to step in. Since her leg had healed she was more than willing to help.


The Panthers were killing it but just before they could finish their routine the fire alarm sounded and the entire school evacuated immediately.


Frankie, Winston and Zoe were still trapped inside. In the heat of the moment, literally, Frankie was finally able to say all the things she wanted to say to Zoe. She told her she was a bully and that the only reason the team agreed to send Degrassi Nudes was because they were afraid of what might happen if they didn’t.


Frankie helped Zoe realize that if she continued to bully her friends that one day she probably wouldn’t have any friends left.


Luckily, Police and Firefighters were able to stop the fire before anyone was harmed. Zoe wasn’t able to compete in cheer finales but she did make one move that warranted some credit. After her fight with Frankie during the fire, Zoe realized the only way to put Degrassi Nudes behind her was to take responsibility and accept the consequences. #winning


When Frankie found her family waiting outside she ran to give her dad a hug but quickly realized his true motives. Instead of asking if she was alright he immediately asked if she was ready to give her statement about Degrassi Nudes. Miles saw it as the perfect opportunity to tell Frankie what had happened earlier that morning. When Frankie heard what her father had done she made the only statement necessary and told him the only way any of them were going home was if it was with their mother.

degrassi-1412-h-fam2-580Clare and Eli

It doesn’t take a genesis to know that a secret at ‘Degrassi’ doesn’t stay a secret for long. When Imogen stopped by the Dot to visit her BFF Eli, she made sure to tread lightly given recent news that he was the father of Clare’s baby. The only problem—Eli didn’t have a clue.


After learning he was the actual father of Clare’s baby, Eli went running to Clare’s side as fast as he could, but when he got there, Clare didn’t want anything to do with him.

Given Eli’s history of acting out, he is a drama major after all, Clare didn’t feel that he would be a suitable father for their child.


Eli apologized profusely and insisted he’d changed but Clare was hesitant to believe him.


After Clare was cleared by medical following the fire, she noticed Eli waiting outside of Degrassi for her. He had come to make sure she and the baby weren’t harmed in the fire but she still wasn’t sure that was enough to prove Eli had changed.

Eli recognized that it would be hard to earn Clare’s trust but to start he signed his most recent paycheck over to her, presented her with a list of potential daycare options and gave her his childhood stuffed animal. Clare agreed that their child deserved to know his father and decided to give Eli a second chance.


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