‘firestarter’ part 2: watch the first scene from the upcoming season finale of ‘degrassi’

Zoe (Ep.1412)

On the last episode of ‘Degrassi‘ Zoe created a FaceRange page that pinned the entire Degrassi Nudes scandal on Frankie. When Frankie’s father, Mr. Hollingsworth, found out he tried to force his daughter to make a public statement confessing her guilt and apologizing for her actions but Frankie wasn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. Instead she convinced Winston (aka the blackmailer) to help her take Zoe down once and for all!

In the first scene from the upcoming season finale of ‘Degrassi,’ Zoe appears confident that her plan to let Frankie take the fall for Degrassi Nudes will hold up long enough for the Degrassi Panthers to complete in cheer finals but when the rest of the team learns it was Zoe that created the FaceRange page pointing the finger at Frankie, they aren’t exactly on board with it. Their loyalty to Frankie leaves them questioning their own actions but when Zoe presents the team with a new set of bows that make their sequin ones look less than extraordinary, they’re quick to change their tune—Frankie who? Let’s just hope they don’t regret their decision when Frankie shows up for one last brawl against their beloved captain.

Watch the first scene from the upcoming season finale of ‘Degrassi’ and tune in Tuesday, January 13 at 9e/6p to find out if Zoe and her cheer squad make it through finals or if Frankie knocks them down from the top of their championship pyramid.

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