‘firestarter’ part 2 ship of the week: miles, frankie and hunter

Hunter, Frankie and Miles

Not all relationships are of the romantic kind and tonight’s season finale of ‘Degrassi‘ demonstrated that perfectly. When the Hollingsworth siblings were faced with a family crisis they stuck together and became stronger than ever.

Tonight’s episode opened with a violent argument between Miles and his father, Mr. Hollingsworth. A fight that had been building up for weeks erupted and objects were thrown.

Frankie recently ran away from home to avoid going on record with a false confession about Degrassi Nudes and when Mr. Hollingsworth noticed his daughter missing he blamed Miles for being a terrible role model. Miles tried to stand up to his father but Mr. Hollingsworth didn’t take too kindly to his rebellious son and in a moment of frustration he tossed a mug across the room, smashing it into pieces and nearly hitting Hunter in the process. When Miles continued to take a stand against his father’s outrageous response, Mr. Hollingsworth proceeded to slap his son across the face.


Miles tried to explain the situation to his mom but she would listen. She simply couldn’t believe her husband was capable of hurting their children. When Miles asked Hunter to explain what happened, Hunter refused to take sides and claimed Miles was making a bigger deal than necessary.


Miles decided the only way to escape his father’s abuse was to leave home but when he went to Degrassi to find Frankie to say goodbye he found flyers from his father’s campaign instead. Miles couldn’t stand to see his father’s smiling face and felt the only way he could make it go away was to burn the flyer but his small fire quickly turned into a hazardous one that caused the entire school to evacuate.


Two brothers looking for their sister and one near death experience later; Miles, Hunter and Frankie were all outside and safe from harm. When Mr. Hollingsworth arrived to find his children he wasn’t greeted with the warm welcome he’d hoped. Hunter finally admitted to seeing him attack Miles and all three siblings agreed that the only way they were leaving was with their mother (or to grab a bite to eat).

Family ships—the kind of ships that can’t be broken.


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