‘firestarter’ part 1: what’s got frankie so worried in these sneak peek pics

Frankie (Ep.1411)

Last we saw, Zoe deleted the naked photo she had planned to use against Frankie right before being marched away by Mr. Simpson for her involvement with Degrassi Nudes, but if Zoe ditched the pics then what’s got Frankie so worried in the upcoming episode of ‘Degrassi‘?

On the last episode of ‘Degrassi’ Zoe snapped a nude photo of Frankie to use as blackmail against her in case she ever decided to go public with Degrassi Nudes. Right before giving a speech on the distribution of nude photos and getting outed in front of the entire school for running Degrassi nudes, Zoe deleted the nude photo of Frankie, but as far as we know, Frankie believes Zoe still has it which means she could use it against her at any moment.

Since we already know Zoe deleted the nude pic of Frankie, we’re having a hard time believing that’s what has Frankie looking so concerned in the sneak peek pics below. So what could possibly be bothering the young Hollingsworth?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see and in the meantime, it looks like there’s a new flock of cheerleaders roaming the halls of Degrassi. But so soon? Poor Zoe.

Check out the sneak peek pics below and catch an all-new episode of ‘Degrassi‘ Tuesday night at 9e/6p only on MTV!

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