‘finding carter’ star kathryn prescott has something her character doesn’t

In theory, a mother and father reuniting with their missing child is a happy occasion, but “Finding Carter” will prove it can be a bumpy road, too. When the show premieres on July 8 at 10e/7p, Carter, who’s been living for years with a woman who abducted her, will be reunited with her biological family members. But finding common ground with the virtual strangers will be a struggle for the teen — especially when it comes to her parents.

So, can show stars Cynthia Watros and Kathryn Prescott — who play the mother, Elizabeth, and the daughter, Carter, respectively — relate to family drama? In the interview below, Kathryn, for one, says her rearing included a great deal of independence — something her character would kill for.

“My parents were always pretty free with me,” Kathryn says in the clip. “They were of the school of thought that if you really cramp down on someone and tell them not to do all these things, it’s gonna become like forbidden fruit.”

Cynthia, meanwhile, says her relationship with her mother has been “up and down” — but that the trials have helped her prepare for her role as Elizabeth. “We’ve had certain turning points, and one of them was that we didn’t connect, sort of how Elizabeth and Carter have difficulties connecting,” she explains.

After suffering through a serious autoimmune disease as a teenager, though, Cynthia says she and her mother were able to let down their defenses and rebuild their bond.

“I think we viewed each other differently after that, and sort of appreciated each other differently,” she recalls.

Check out the clip, hang tight for more exclusive interviews with Cynthia and Kathryn and be sure to tune in to the “Finding Carter” premiere next Tuesday!