‘finding carter’ star cynthia watros likes to put what on her fro-yo?!

The two stars of “Finding Carter” may have wildly different tastes, but they complement each other perfectly. And the proof can be found in…their frozen yogurt.

In an interview with MTV News, Kathryn Prescott, the actress who portrays Carter on the new drama, says she prefers to top her fro-yo with classic choices such as gummy bears and crushed Oreos. But her on-screen mother Cynthia Watros prefers a rather unique garnish.

“I would put bacon,” Cynthia reveals in the video, below. “Like bacon bits.”

There’s a reason the two are talking fro-yo: So far, a frozen yogurt joint has been the epicenter for some thrilling action on “Finding Carter.” In the very first scene, the title character gets a ritual cool treat at Fro-Yo City with the woman she believes to be her mother — but is actually her abductor. Fast-forward to Carter getting a job at a fro-yo shop so that the mother she knows and loves can easily find her; when the faux mom eventually does, it creates quite a scene with law enforcement (and Carter’s birth mom).


But despite their clashing tastes (gummy bears vs. bacon!), the co-stars clearly know how to work together. After Cynthia’s bacon bombshell, Kathryn has an idea that would make the crispy topping even more tasty — and, dare we say, her sweet and savory suggestion is perfect.

Watch the full interview to find out what Kathryn’s fantastic fro-yo would include, and be sure to catch an all-new episode of “Finding Carter” on Tuesday at 10e/7p!