‘finding carter’: should elizabeth have sent the 5-0 after lori when she had the chance?

Parents often want to be their children’s friends, and on  this week’s “Finding Carter” episode, Elizabeth was no exception. But should she have put her foot down and been an authoritarian instead?

When Carter first moved in with the Wilsons, Elizabeth had no trouble behaving like a tyrant to her long-lost daughter, but over time, the two began to bond. And when the police officer felt she had finally secured a spot on Carter’s good side, she swore she’d ease up on her efforts to apprehend Lori, the woman who abducted Carter, to keep the peace. Carter still thought of Lori fondly and resented Elizabeth for referring to the woman as nothing more than a criminal.



Elizabeth and Carter had grown so close by tonight’s episode that on Carter’s 17th birthday, an occasion during which Carter originally planned to steal away into the night and reunite with Lori, Carter ultimately decided to stay with the Wilsons. Still, she felt obligated to tell Lori she wasn’t coming and asked David for help in making the call. He did and, predictably, it wasn’t a friendly one.

Lori, who’s no stranger to stalking Carter while in disguise, answered in a hostile manner and urged David not to “underestimate” her. David pleaded with Elizabeth to contact the police — as, thanks to Carter, he knew exactly where Lori would be waiting — but Elizabeth kept her word to her daughter and maintained that she wouldn’t get her peers involved. She said she couldn’t live with herself if she knew she was responsible for making Carter so unhappy. And now, Carter’s appeased — but Lori’s still on the loose.

Things are good for the time being, but there’s no telling what Lori’s capable of, especially now that she’s ticked off. Should Elizabeth have risked the calm waters she and Carter are floating on and put Lori behind bars to ensure her family’s safety, or was she right to keep her promise to Carter by steering clear of Lori’s case?